Owner Kelly Lydick received her Bachelor’s degree in Writing & Literature, with emphases in Psychology and Music, from Burlington College, and her Master’s degree in Writing & Consciousness from the New College of California (now at CIIS). Her writing has been published in literary and commercial magazines in the United States and Canada. She is the author of Mastering the Dream, and co-founding editorial board member of Immanence Journal. She is also an exhibited and published photographer, award-winning classical pianist, and has 15 years of experience in book publishing and education.

Kelly’s primary training in spirituality and metaphysics includes work with Mary Bell of the Foundation for Unity Consciousness and Rabbi Michael Shapiro, with additional training in Wing Chun Kung Fu and Qi Gung. Kelly is an intuitive/clairvoyant and Soul’s Journey Lightworkers advisor, and holds professional certifications as a Meditation Facilitator, Past Life Healer, Reiki and Crystal Reiki Master, Animal Reiki Master, and Gateway Dreaming™ Coach.

As owner of Waking the Dream, Kelly is passionate about working with individuals, groups, and small and large businesses to provide services in writing, editing, publishing, and the creative arts, including media releases, book projects, media interviews, marketing materials, and one-on-one consulting.

Individual creative consulting and group workshops in metaphysics, personal development, and creative development include modalities such as dream work, intuitive counseling, meditation, past life healing, guided visualizations, and consciousness expansion.

A keen understanding of the energetics that move the creative spirit from the soul, through the heart, into the mind for conceptualization and creative execution and, finally, out to the public to be received, informs the services that are offered at every stage of the creative and personal development processes.

Clients include art galleries, individuals, published and aspiring authors, and small and large publishing companies.

We look forward to growing with you.