Like a lifelong friend, Kelly’s readings are compassionate, but to the point. With her readings, she gets to the core of the matter and can provide practical advice based on intuitive and guided information.

Intuitive readings are available in 10-minute increments, with a minimum of 30 minutes to schedule.

You can also find her at Soul’s Journey Lightworkers at a per-minute rate, if that’s more convenient.


“The Greek word for crisis also means to make a choice. But sometimes we find ourselves so twisted up, even though we know it is time to let go, that we feel we could use the support of a good Greek fate who can thrust her fingers into our knots and loosen them up a little. Kelly is a psychic textile worker – she knows how to hold the space and loosen you up while you cut the threads from what you must so you can weave a new color into your own tapestry. She is the queen seamstress of the psychic garment.”                                                                                                              – Sabrina D., Long Beach, CA


“Kelly was able to give me a clear description of the energies she was picking up in my life. Not only did she state current conflicts I already know of, she was able to explain to me other energies that revolve around it that I couldn’t see.”                                                                                                              – Gina A., Honolulu, HI