Kristina Walsh is a clairvoyant psychic and trance medium healer active in the community for over 20 years and then the radio waves found her. Kristina has appeared many times on “Seeing Beyond” with Bonnie Coleen 1450 KEST, San Francisco, to discuss meditation techniques and psychic experiences.

Kristina has continued on the airwaves recording half hour meditations on BlogTalkRadio’s meditation circle covering such topics as your own spiritual team, DNA healing techniques, deep trance and out of body meditations incorporating the energy of the planets.

Kristina embarked on a new show called Surfing the Psychic Waves in 2009 and hosts the show from Soundcloud, and podcasts to iTunes. Her latest radio highlight is at, where she hosts “High Frequency,” a show that  presents an array of spirited interviews with artists, musicians, actors, writers, directors and more, bringing her signature positivity and inquiring mind to every interview.

Kristina’s awareness of her clairvoyant abilities began at a very young age, and in her early 20s, she wrangled these abilities with the guidance of the Berkeley Psychic Institute Clairvoyant and Graduate Programs (1993-1997). She has expanded her healing art to include Reiki and her training from Arthur Findlay College, UK, in trance medium healing. Kristina has had a career in biotechnology for more than two decades, which has allowed her to explore the scientific aspects of healing under the direct instruction of some of the best scientific minds in US and UK. Kristina has a B.S. in Marketing from Santa Clara University, a Jesuit institution committed to social justice and global solidarity.

Let’s get to know Kristina!

One place that Kristina hasn’t yet visited in the world, but would like to see:

“New Zealand, it could be a Lord of the Rings thing, or an inner earth thing, I would love to go there. It seems like you could find yourself walking into a cave in New Zealand and end up in inner earth.”

Kristina’s favorite book:

“The Pleiadian Agenda, by Barbara Hand Clow. That book really changed how I looked at energy and I finally felt connected to the universe. That was back in 1996.”

Kristina’s favorite food:

“Pizza of course, when I am doing a lot of energy work, and chocolate works, but what really grounds me is Quinoa.”

Kristina’s favorite movie:

“I love too many movies to list!”

One little known interesting fact about Kristina that she would like to share with readers:

“I grew up playing classical and electric guitar, and my first spiritual teacher was probably my guitar teacher.”

What is the one thing that always brings awareness to Kristina’s  connection to spirit or source energy?

“The Sun. Sunshine really powers me up.”


We’ll be learning more about Kristina Walsh and the work that she’s doing in the ethers, on the radio waves, and on the planet.

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