Photo: "Eclipse" by zirconicusso/

I often receive information first thing upon waking.  Information comes from the dream, from the ether, from the higher self still moving back in to body.  It’s lucid and fluid and sometimes, almost, just out of grasp.  Words are quicksilver, and the mind, when slow to follow, loses a race against the never ending inner monologue that picks and chooses what it highlights and when, speeding along toward a finish line stationed at the horizon.

This morning I woke from a dream.  The week prior had been long and filled with many dreams of people I knew, and places I had been before, some places beautiful and only existing in dream, and some places to where I’d never like to return.  But what remained was a little phrase, whispering into my ear, when eyes were still closed and the new day had not yet officially begun.  A little phrase that came in, lingered a bit, rolling in like fog and disappearing just as quickly:

Determine “the what” and allow the universe to take care of “the how.” 

The key is to allow. 

And allowing means being good at receiving.

No matter how we think things will unfold, or in what order we believe events we experience “should” take place, it’s always the case that what we can imagine with our limited thinking is no match for what a limitless universe has in store.  And what’s in store, is always better, even if, it’s momentarily eclipsed by our limited vision.

Dreaming….and receiving….dreaming….and receiving….dreaming and receiving.


Copyright © 2011 Kelly Lydick