I’ve been working on a lengthy entry about The Law of Attraction and related ideas, but after attending a gathering today in support of the Occupy movements, I’m feeling inspired to write a brief post about the current happenings here in the US these last couple of months.

Firstly, a huge thanks to those that have been relentlessly engaged in dialogue and peaceful protest on behalf of our communities nationwide.  It’s great to see people coming together in support of one cause, perhaps the most important cause of the 21st century yet.

Second, it’s always refreshing to see a US representative that has consistently supported the people of the nation over big business, corruption on all fronts, and economic greed.  Were I still living in Vermont, Representative Bernie Sanders would always have my vote; he may be one of the only sane representatives currently in office.  Here’s one of my favorite clips to date:

Bernie Sanders on the Occupy Movements

Third, thanks to the communities of Boulder, Missoula, and Madison for supporting ballot measures in favor of Constitutional Amendments declaring that corporations are not people.  (And thanks Anne Jackson for the info update.)

Did you know that there’s also a white house petition currently proposing the same issue?  Take a look by clicking here.

Lastly, it’s great that there is a formal National General Assembly being organized.  It’s with gratitude that we do in fact live in a country where this is possible, despite the issues we currently face as a nation.  I believe that concrete goals to restructure these systems will be the most effective, and most sustainable approach, and it seems that this group has committed these goals to paper.  Take a peek at the document that is evolving as we approach July 4, 2012, and sign if you feel moved.   So far they are only just over 1,100 strong, but it’s my hope that these folks will join with the others as part of the Occupy Movement to ensure solidarity for these issues; action must meet written policy.  Also curious, is that a petition has been started on the WhiteHouse.gov site in support of this, yet, when I tried a couple of times to log in and sign this petition, I received a 404 error…. I will try again tomorrow.

I look forward to continuing to support this call to action for reformation of the political and economic systems entrenched in corporate greed and corruption, and to hold accountable our governmental systems and bodies that have failed to adequately bring justice to those few that have profited financially at the expense of the greater community.

It’s not just that everything is connected, but that everyone is connected, too.

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  • I sure hope a trend toward yin is true. I am yang’ed out! I live in a world of yang and ntihong exhausts me and repulses me more. I hope that a more sensitive and caring world view is coming, but I’m not feeling it yet! I guess yin will grow as those with caring, contemplative, feminine minds step out of the darkness for a moment so the yang-heads can see them and learn something. So far, I have preferred staying in the dark and shooting out a text now and then. lol

  • I believe Yin is there working away quietly under the surface, just that the major media outlets (and therefore a lot of bloggers etc.) haven’t quite caught up yet.

  • “In Support of the Occupy Movements | Everything is Connected” ended up being a wonderful article and I ended up
    being really joyful to find the blog. Thank you-Otilia

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