In the last post we learned about Kristina Walsh’s metaphysical training.  In this post, she talks about the connection between the metaphysical and the physical,  her work as a radio show host, and the new energies of 2013!

How does your experience in the biotechnology industry hew to the topics and experiences you explore in the metaphysical?

“I started in the biotech field as a temp position, and while I loved the humanitarian aspect of the idea of the industry, I had no idea what I was in for, or that it would have a relation to my clairvoyant life. In 1993, when I started the clairvoyant program at BPI, I had experience with healing and mediation, but not to that degree, but between learning a whole new industry, and having to learn about the science the company was working on, and I got really involved with creating slide presentations among other things. This forced me to ask questions, how to draw cellular processes properly, and I was able to have access to ask questions to all different kinds of scientists.

It was awesome but that first job was so hard, and I am so grateful. At night I would be taking my classes, moving energy around, reading others, etc., then walk in the next day to regular work with more of me to interact with others. I must have been a wild person to work with, but it seemed ok. I think healing, science, alternative medicine, allopathic medicine are all one thing now. I think we are trying to be whole as humans, and it’s great we can work toward that… but I have asked myself the question: What if we were already whole, and don’t need to ‘heal,’ and we are just looking to enhance our human experience? Hmmm…

I do have an aggressive view that what we call ‘medicine’ can be anything, it can be a smile to a stranger or a kind word, or the healing properties of an avocado, or what we call a new chemical entity that allows someone an ease in their life from something debilitating. We assign a lot of rightness and wrongness when it comes to the human body, but personally I am trying to soften that up in my own space.”

Does your experience in biotechnology hew to the DNA healing techniques that you practice? If so, how?

“Once I could draw different scientific processes in my graphic works, (this is early in my biotech career) then I could really feel that healing process with a biotech lens on it, similar to how I was feeling when I would give an aura healing, or out of body healing.

I already was healing before my BPI days, I just didn’t have the context or a language to talk about it. Healing is another form of sacred space. It’s the transformation or transmutation I am interested in. One cell talks to another cell, then something happens. That is going on billions of times a day with billions of cells, in every thing on the planet, living or what we might call dormant (like rocks and mountains).

Everything is alive around us. It really blows your mind. A chemical is just nature in another form, if something can exist on this planet, then it can’t be entirely horrible… I am thinking about the nuclear stuff here… and I am still working on that concept: What does toxic waste actually mean?

Tell everyone about your new gig at SFN radio! It’s very exciting! What are your plans for the show and what can you tell readers about your experience of hosting a radio show?

“I am so excited about SFNradio and the show ‘High Frequency.’ Working with SFN Media Group has been a dream because of our focused intention and attention. Because Stewart St. John and Todd Fisher have been in the TV and film industry for so long, radio was a natural extension of their work.

What I (and others) have noticed is that many aspiring actors, directors, composers, artists have something in common where they are constantly tapping into the spirit realm to create what they create. I have had so much fun talking to guests about their craft and the conversation soon turns to their own spiritual insight. We were aiming to bring to light the courage it takes to be an artist of any kind, and offer encouragement to others on that path, and the interviews seem to have a really nice tangible spiritual side to them.

I also host ‘Surfing the Psychic Waves’ from SoundCloud for newer spiritual topics that are pointing toward what our planetary evolution is all about… but both shows have a spiritual side, and maybe I could say that ‘High Frequency’ lets one hear how one could express their spirituality. Energies have been shifting rapidly this year and last, and time has continued to accelerate.”

What do you anticipate that people will experience on the planet in 2013?

“I think we are in a new love cycle. I have been talking about Twin Flames for a long time now, and what is after soul mates. Our relationships have evolved on this planet, how could they expand. It’s about creating together, or creating enjoyment of that creation. There is something that wants to grow there. ‘Anticipation’ is a good word here, it seems that now anything is possible.

Everyone I talked to has noticed how easy it is to manifest, and it’s mainly getting into the habit now of just asking for anything and everything of the universe, and putting God to work. We already know what its like to challenge ourselves with a task, but what if we challenged the universe with our creative thoughts? If source can create suns, moons and stars, I think the universe is up to the challenge. I say unleash your thoughts.”

Is there anything that you feel is important for readers to know about the new phase of evolution that we are experiencing on this planet?

“I think we can jump in and out of time now. We get to decide what really matters to us and we get to take a bigger role in influencing the world instead of the world imprinting on us. I think we are all coming into our own individual spirituality, our own religions. And I think we can still be cohesive as a group of humans on this planet. I do think that media, art, and communication are going to continue to change toward focusing on our love for each other.”


Have you heards Kristina Walsh’s radio show “High Frequency” on SFN Radio?  If not, tune in today. Her guest is William Whitecloud, who will discuss his new book The Last Shaman.

Catch the replays at 4 pm and 11pm PST!


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