There are a lot of articles lately about the astrological transits and events taking place. I, too, write a lot about these individual events in my monthly newsletter, Fields of Dreams. But what we’re experiencing now is not just a consequence of individual planets moving across the night sky, but rather a larger shift that is permeating all aspects of vibration on the planet and within each of us. I see all of these incremental changes (noted by specific astrological events) as part of a larger recalibration that has been occurring for some years.

We’ve seen political upheaval all over the world, we’ve seen hidden information exposed to the public, we’ve seen the failure of economic structures and the decline of governmental systems. On the individual level, we have been experiencing shifts and changes in small and large ways that are proving to be life-changing.

It’s easy with all of these happenings to lose sight of what is really going on in the bigger picture, and on a larger scale in our global community and within global consciousness. The shift that we are making is the shift from a predominantly masculine state of being back to a more feminine way of being. Spiritual teachers have been tracking this energetic shift and integration for decades, and it feels to me the shift has recently reached its peak. But what does this really mean?

Masculine energy has been dominant for quite some time. Part of what is occurring with these astrological transits and the changes in vibration is an incremental recalibration that is reintegrating the divine feminine, which has been dormant for so long.

We can track social movements from women’s suffrage in America to 20th-century feminism and 21st-century post-feminism, but I see these examples only as a partial glimpse of what really has been occurring on a large-scale energetic level.

If we look at everything in the universe as a consequence of different energetic patterns, we find that masculine and feminine energy are different, complementary vibrations inherent in different beings. These are not necessarily gender specific, although we primarily see females who exhibit feminine energy and males who exhibit masculine energy.

The feminine is the receptive principle, whereas the masculine wields a singular focus. Feminine energy is a creative force that is expansive and flowing, therefore, it thrives in present time when events are naturally unfolding moment-by-moment.

A large part of the creative process involves embracing the unknown, welcoming it into the personal space to be witnessed, and incorporating the creative results into experience. This is where feminine energy is most comfortable. A woman begins in the space of the unknown and allows unfolding to naturally take place.

The divine masculine, on the other hand, has a singular focus. It’s no surprise that the mars glyph depicting a piercing arrow has become a symbol of the masculine. A man
begins with the known and seeks to move outward into the world from there. This energy takes what is known and infuses it into the world. We see it in business, we see it in Western social structures, governmental and educational structures. The known is the comfortable space for men.

With too much male energy, females can begin to feel oppressed, claustrophobic, or confined. With too much feminine energy, males can feel lost, scattered, or unable to focus. Each needs the other in order to fully shape creation.
What we have as individuals and as a community been craving is a rebalancing of both the masculine and feminine energies. What are seeking now as a collective is a reintegration of creative, feminine energy in every aspect of our lives, including our communal and social structures. Inherent in the creative process is the destruction of what came before that creation.

This can be a bit of a scary time for the fellas. They have been comfortable in their own vibe for so long. And feminine energy can feel foreign, unwieldy, and even uncontrollable. Energy that typically has a singular focus can move into a fearful place when that focus (energy) becomes too spacious or “wide.” Likewise, I’m not surprised that women are reporting that they feel more centered, grounded, stronger—even liberated—with this shift!

As we continue moving through the transits of this calendar year, we’ll see and feel more of this on a personal, individual level as well as with the collective.

Knowing that this change is taking place allows for some insight to occur. No need to rush, take it slow and let it flow.

Here a few quick tips to help navigate:

1. Let go. The breaking down of old structures, habits, and beliefs is part of this recalibration. Willingly relinquish these things knowing that whatever falls away will be replaced with something more nourishing.

2. Be gentle. This is a huge change. And change can be scary! Self-care in its most comforting form is imperative. Retreat when you need to retreat. Enjoy company when you feel drawn to others. Tune in to your individual needs frequently and respond accordingly.

3. Trust. Fear is a byproduct of the ego’s need to control. Feminine energy can’t be controlled for too long lest it wither. Trust that the changes that are taking place are a consequence of a higher unfolding. Do this without attaching egoic meaning to what is occurring in outer circumstances.

4. Cherish the other. This is an amazing time for men and women to connect and reconnect with each another in a deeper, more invigorated way than ever before. Honor the divine, the spiritual, the soulful, the heart-centered in one another, and know that these changes will bring greater balance, connection, and understanding between the sexes.

Images in this post courtesy: Morgan Sessions, Ahmadreza Sajadi, Unsplash; Male female signs by digitalart, Tao by Danio Rizzuti,