Each month, I send out a subscriber-only newsletter and I want to share with you a section of the last newsletter.  I include a Q&A that covers a wide range of topics  including writing, editing, metaphysics, astrology, and other similar info.  This month’s Q&A was particular poignant, so I wanted to make it available here for you.

Stephanie from San Francisco, California wrote: How do you explain synchronicities and what do they mean?

What if I told you that your question is itself a synchronicity? Leading up to this newsletter I’ve been thinking about and wanting to write about co-creatorship. The mention of Sagittarius and the planet Jupiter, earlier, starts to discuss this. Not only that, in the second interview installment with M.J. Rose, she mentions near the end the idea of synchronicity as the term was coined and defined by Carl Jung. Bravo Stephanie for being in the flow!


Synchronicities are most often seen as ‘coincidences’ that appear when we do not expect them to appear. They can be subtle, they can be loud, they can be repetitive, or they can happen once and fleetingly never be seen again. In the work that I’ve done, I know synchronicity as the language through which the divine speaks to me to indicate that I am a participant in my reality. This is the language that speaks in symbols, in patterns, in coincidences that seem, on the surface, ‘impossible.’ I know the language of synchronicity as the confirmation that appears when I have doubts as to whether I’m still on the right path.

This is the language that doesn’t need words, it seemingly manifests in a divine orchestration conducted by the thread of living breathing life that runs through all of us. This is what occurs when I say to myself in awe: ‘Can you believe that just happened?’ (And usually I ask that question multiple times! Because although yes, I believe it happened, it’s SO amazing every time it does!)

I believe that a synchronistic moment or sign is a point of intersection between the human and divine, that shows itself at pertinent moments to affirm, affirm, and reaffirm that yes, you are alive; yes, you have divine eyes through which you can see; yes, if you are willing to let your consciousness expand, the universe is conspiring to make it so.

The only question, then, is: Are you paying attention?


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