I can’t believe it’s already 2014!  The 2013 year passed so quickly—and with many ups and downs—that it feels great to settle in to a new year and being again.

I always love the time of year when we let go of what came before and envision a new way of relating to the world, perhaps expansive, perhaps introspective, but always moving forward and (at least for me) with intention.

I don’t use the world resolution, and for many reasons. With each passing year, I learn some new things, I have grown in knowledge and wisdom, and have experienced important moments that I’ll remember forever. Time passes quickly—now more than ever before—and I felt it important to spotlight this fresh start in a new way.

This month’s blog post features Elaine Marolakos Edelson, intuitive channel, empath, and astrologer. Elaine is also the author of the highly acclaimed Minutes to Manifesting, which she now uses in her Bodhi System ~ Intuitive Mastery Mentoring Program. She is also the author of Aries Fire, #1 Kindle best-seller and first in the historical fiction series, Sign of the Times, dedicated to each of the astrological signs. She is already underway with book two, Ten Steps of the Bull, an adventure set in 6th century Japan, dedicated to Taurus, and she also writes a monthly Astrology column for Sedona Monthly magazine.

When I first met Elaine at the Sedona Book Festival, I knew that she was an astrologer I could trust—and not just because she’s a natural empath. Her warmth and positivity are absolutely contagious! 2014 felt like it was going to be BIG months ago, and I’m happy to share with you the insights that Elaine has taken the time to explain.

We started the New Year with a super moon in Capricorn and there will be another at the end of January (Aquarius) as well as 3 (three!) others this year.  What can you tell us about the super moon, the signs in which they occur, and how we can best integrate this intense energy?

“First, what’s a ‘Super Moon’ and Second, how will it affect you?

Super Moons aren’t any more super than any other full moon…well, not really. The technical term is ‘perigee’ meaning that the moon will be the closest to the center of the Earth than any other time—approximately 220 to 225,000 miles from the center of the Earth. (Apogee is when it’s farthest from the Earth.) So yes, you’ll feel the gravitational pull on your body more, but how will it affect you? Everyone is different.

January 2014 sports two–one full moon in Capricorn and one new moon in Aquarius.

July 12 has one full super moon in Capricorn.
August 10 has one full super moon in Aquarius.
September 8/9 has one full super moon in Pisces.

I’m actually more interested in the Lunar and Solar Eclipses as tremendous  energy portals of transformation more than I am about super moons.

But…If you’ve ever seen the movie by Lars von Trier called, ‘Melancholia’ you’ll have an idea of how deeply some folks with Sun, Rising, and/or Moon signs (or major planets like Saturn, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto) in the signs of Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces will be affected by the tug of the super moons.

The intensity that the characters in the film, ‘Melancholia’ feel is a lot more dramatic than what you’ll be feeling this year, but that’s also dependent upon each astrological sun and rising sign and if you’re dealing with your emotions or not.

What can arise for those with major Capricorn, Aquarius or Pisces energies in their charts? The letting go of outdated structures that are deeply ingrained in the psyche, for one. Also, having to face feelings of extreme judgment or the inner ‘victim’s voice.’ This might result in more illness, feeling run down, having more fears come up…but all for the purpose of healing!

It’s a great idea to keep a journal or to allow yourself to express the negative emotions daily in healthy ways. Don’t wait for things to stockpile. Full moons are meant to represent the culmination, the ending of a cycle. Think about something that you’d like to release and start on the New Moon and work your way toward the Full Moon for completion.”

When you look at the transits for an upcoming year, what are the most important aspects you pay particular attention to?  What do those aspects tell us about 2014?

“My work is based on my clairvoyant abilities as much as looking at astrological transits. When I write my monthly forecast column for The Sedona Monthly magazine, I look at what planet is doing what in the Cosmos then one angle or one aspect will jump out at me and I tune into it and write about it.

When looking at 2014, I’m looking for major planetary opposition. Opposing forces show me what’s going on in people’s psyches. Oh, maybe I ought to have said this up top… Planets don’t do anything to you! You live in cooperation with your Cosmos. When the planets make a move, you feel it. When YOU make a move, the planets reflect that—Mirror, mirror on the Cosmic Wall.

That said, this year I’m not concerned with Mars until it makes it move from Libra to Scorpio in July. Most folks will experience the ‘shift’ as an internal gear—from more harmonious pursuits to more desirous and intense one.

Also, I’ve got my eye on Jupiter in Cancer opposing Pluto in Capricorn through June 3rd. Pluto (although deemed a dwarf star) is still a huge point of deep, profound transformation and transmutation for all. Jupiter represents expansion. (Travel, advertising, philosophy, benevolence.) Pluto is absolute core transformation.

But overall, the opposition shows me that people aren’t going to be as satisfied with things as they have been in the past. Workmanship comes back into play. Women, children, ideologies and patriarchal systems will clash more. American or modern women may not feel this angle as much as women in Eastern European or Muslim countries where the old system is challenged by women and their right to be equal. The world of publishing itself is changing rapidly. Old ‘brick n mortar’ buildings, educational systems, internet learning possibilities and a new wave of inventions around cyber-legalites comes up.

To bring this info down to Earth, think about how a stay-at-home mom can now be a bestselling author in another country without that much effort! Gone are the days of sitting in a cottage by a fireplace and writing the great American Novel.

Or think about how someone with disabilities can now have the world come to them so they can learn how to play the stock market or solve mysteries from home.

Okay, but I’m not saying it’s good or bad. I’m saying old systems will be challenged to implement new systems for teachers, authors, students, attorneys, airlines, travel-related companies (cruise ships, airlines, hotels, etc.) as well as elders, women, children, too. These topics will show up in new laws put before judicial systems. So in one shot that scenario includes travel, education, the law, women, children.

Another aspect I’ve got my eye on is Uranus (say it with me…You’re-On-Us) opposes Mars April 23 through July 17.

These are two potentially volatile vibes that sit deep within a person’s psyche when they stockpile emotions. Then one day, KABLOOEY. So folks, deal with your feelings. Get angry in healthy ways. Road rage is a real thing. Meditate, breathe, listen to music, work out, exercise more compassion. The alternative to this volatile energy is brilliant and innovative and spontaneous ideas that help other people heal. Let’s go there instead!

Okay, mid-August through September 5, Mars in Scorpio (action, aggression, power or passive aggressive power plays) holds hands with Saturn in Scorpio. Saturn is stoic energy, the old systems…the guys with cigars who will or won’t give you a loan. Saturn governs teeth, skin, bones, joints, knees, and your willingness to go the distance. Scorpio is all about the desire and the profound ability to decipher the truth or to go the opposite way and sucker punch the adulterer or inside trader.

So…that said…during that time frame, get clear on what you truly desire. Deal with hidden anger or jealousy in healthy ways and open a conversation around with yourself or others on how you can heal self: deception, stoicism, denial, anger, betrayal, and sexual abuse or emotional abuse.

September 27 through October 12 there’s a Grand Trine between Uranus, Jupiter and Mars. PLEASE make use of this gift. A grand trine is like the best day ever at the park with cotton candy and rides and giggles and fun and magic.

Depending on where this shows up in a person’s chart, it can mean many different things. Basically, you want to meditate daily on being open for opportunity. ALLOW yourself to have…inspiration, gifts, flow, possibilities, positive attitudes.”

Each calendar year we experience three phases of Mercury retrograde.  In what signs will this year’s retrogrades occur and what advice do you have for working through these transits?
“Mercury in retrograde dates are:
Feb 6–28, first in Pisces then in Aquarius.
June 7–July 1, first in Cancer then in Gemini.
Oct 4–25, first in Scorpio then in Libra.

Basic rule of thumb for any retrograde: beginning one week in advance, make sure all tech data is backed up. Not the time to purchase any new technology or application or to sign up for a class UNLESS the class ends in that time frame.

What tends to happen is the people, places, things, stuff, comes back in a retrograde. All of your old ‘back burner’ ideas show up too. The only question you need to answer is this, ‘Are you done with this yet?’

Review the past, reconcile, release or heal, then move on.

Great depth can be gotten to in a retrograde so it’s a great time for healing modalities. Retrogrades help you bypass your mental defenses to make an appointment with a body worker, healing professional but NOT for surgery or for traditional medical treatment as data and info are confused.
Always allow for extra time during a retrograde and if you have to travel, keep important info on your person and pack food! Delays usually show up in a Mercury in retrograde because the energy is showing us a door to our inner sanctum. Go there and rediscover a part of yourself that might have been misplaced, denied or lost!”

The Chinese astrological year is characterized by the theme of an animal.  This year is the year of the Horse. What would you call the “theme” of this astrological year and what changes should we expect as associated with this theme?

“This is the year of the wood horse. Literally a kick butt INNER year. Are you ready to own your thoughts, feelings, and emotions so that you KNOW WHAT YOU REALLY WANT and stop procrastinating? Hope so. If you make innocuous statements, you’ll be called out on the carpet to defend or deny those ideas. Have a plan, be organized as much as possible. Numerologically speaking this is a number ‘7’ year. For everyone that means something else, but in general, it’s the year to go within and evaluate who you really are. Why are you working in that job? Why are your relationships just ‘so-so’ and why is that okay with you?

Inner reflection as it relates to your Spirit’s purpose is what comes up this year for a lot of folks. Pay attention the present moment and wake up whenever possible. Be kind to folks on the phone, at the check-out, while driving. Remember that you are Pure Conscious Love and connected to all things at all time.

When someone says, ‘Hey, what’s the matter?’ You answer, ‘Me. You. We’re the matter that’s creating the matter all around us.’

Do you want more money, love, health, opportunity? Then start assuming that you matter because your matter is Divine. Manifesting is about focusing your energy daily…daily…daily…daily…until you see it come to life. Get to know your expectations and how they stop you from growing, transforming, and keep you focused on what you don’t think you have! Turn your mind around and be GRATEFUL for things aloud. ‘I’m so grateful for this warm bed, these sheets, my food, my family, my health, all the money that flows my way.’

And if you don’t have something as stated in the above sentence, then realize that when you focus on what you DON’T have, you get more of it. That’s a truth. So even if you don’t have the best house or car or job or health status, start ACTING AS IF. And watch how your cells respond to the matter at hand.

Picture a tiny spark of light in your palm. Its potential is there. Its Divinity is all it is. Breathe on it, focus on it, Expand IT…grow the trust in your palm and watch your life unfold into miraculous possibilities.

I used to live in a trailer, without heat, and had one protein a week to live on. I am now debt free, in my heaven on Earth in Sedona, with a dream come true relationship and child who is conscious. I’m an Amazon Kindle bestseller and I’ve got 12 more books in the series.

It didn’t just happen. I had to see, to envision the possibilities. I had to learn how to deal with my sh**. I have crap days and angry moments, but the difference between who I was then and who I am now is EVERYTHING.

I don’t hold onto the ‘story.’ I don’t stake my claim in the victim.

Yes, I see Angels and Dead People…the energies in life have truly supported me. Their message is not a religious one…but rather a Spiritual one.

I am Pure Conscious Love. I exist here, now, everywhere.

And so are you. So do you.

I’m 53 and just getting started. When my cape and my x-ray glasses come in the mail, I’m calling it a day. Until then, I’m hoping to spread a little joy, eat a little cake and write and talk my talk and walk my walk. How about you?”

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