On Saturday, October 25, I had the opportunity to chat with Sarah McLean about meditation, its importance, and its transformational abilities.  I first met Sarah at a monthly meeting of the Scottsdale Society of Women Writers, a local professional writing group in Phoenix, at which Sarah was invited to speak. At the meeting, I learned about Sarah’s personal journey and her expertise in meditation.

Later, on a weekend trip to Sedona, I stopped for a Sunday afternoon meditation at the McLean Meditation Institute, where Sarah is the founder, and she was facilitating that day.  The thing I like the most about Sarah’s approach is her down-to-earth savvy, easily digestible explanations, and the warmth with which she exudes her wisdom.

During our conversation, we chatted about meditation techniques, the paradox of shrinking time, the ego and the monkey mind, and more.


You can also learn more about Sarah’s work, the McLean Meditation Institute, and the programs and retreats offered by clicking here.

Image used in this post: Seat in Quiet Room for Meditation by nuchylee.