The spiritual path is not for the faint of heart. In fact, it’s the single most challenging path through life. That’s because it requires that you examine who you are, the beliefs that drive your behavior, and your emotional intelligence. The spiritual path is challenging—but it is enlightening, too.


We each have our own path, hence the saying “many paths, one mountain.” And at times, we all need a little bit of support on the hike up that mountain. At Waking the Dream, we’re here to support you. Whether you need instruction in meditation techniques, or a workshop in energy management, we have your back. For those who are tuned in to their dreams, we have specialized sessions for that, too.


We’re available for one-on-one work, and you’re welcome to browse our upcoming workshops to see which one is a good fit for you.


Our philosophy is simple: Your most empowered life occurs when mind, emotion, body, and spirit are aligned. And this requires that we each look at our own psychology, emotional landscape, and spiritual awareness.

It’s like Ram Dass said: “We’re all just walking each other home.” Let us take you by the hand.