Sparking the Creation

The ancients believed that within each and every one of us was a spark, a spark that held the potential to alight the world.


Fanning the Flames

Once the creation has sparked, it needs fuel to keep it burning bright.


Lighting the World

Every project has a place in the world—whether your audience is big or small, local, national or international. Your gift to the world is the sharing of your spark, the passing of the flame, that labor of love creative project into which you have poured your heart and soul.


How will you share it with the world?


Our mission at Waking the Dream is to inspire, educate, and transform. We foster personal growth for clients, and consulting services range from personal coaching sessions to aid creative processes, to writing and editing services to ready written works for publication.

As a Certified Gateway Dreaming Coach™, Lydick is able to assist others in identifying the symbols present on the personal journey to the fullest expression of creativity. The process also helps to identify creative blocks, points of exploration, and elements of the psyche expressed through dreams. Bringing the seemingly cryptic elements of the dreamtime into the waking life allows clients to fully experience and express the creative spirit flowing from inside of them, and make their creative dreams a reality.

Services available at Waking the Dream:

  • Intuitive Readings and Intuitive Counseling
  • Gateway Dreaming™ Sessions
  • Reiki and Energy Healing
  • Guided Visualizations
  • Guided Meditations
  • Creative Consulting
  • Creative Writing Instruction or Private Writing Coaching
  • Group Workshop Facilitation


If you’re an author in need of editorial and related services, please visit our sister company, The Story Laboratory.