Have you ever had a recurring dream? Experiences like this are potent messages that deserve attention. Dreams offer a vast depository of innate intelligence, spiritual wisdom, and emotional insight. They provide deep insight from a well that is supplied only by the waters of our own emotional landscape.


Some people say they don’t dream—but everyone dreams. It’s simply that some remember more than others. And it’s amazing how dreams are one of the most profound synchronistic keys to the waking life.


Dreams have the power to increase personal awareness, help you enhance your creativity, balance and integrate emotions and daily events, and more.


One of our specialties is to provide support in the deeply personal dream practice. Kelly’s work has been presented to the International Association for the Study of Dreams on multiple occasions, and her laser-focused dream work technique helps clients achieve a variety of personal outcomes.

Clients report “ah-ha” experiences with every session.


If you’re looking to expand upon your dream practice, dig in to greater self awareness through the pathway of dreams, and positively affect your waking life, these sessions are for you.