All my life I’ve had the feeling that I was a bit “different” than others. As a child I spent a most of my time in my own imagination, creating entire worlds from wooden blocks and tinker toys. In school, I was mostly bored and under-stimulated; intellectually I was considered among the top percent in the country as compared with other children within my age range. But what I felt inside me was not about public school testing or ordinary social interaction with my peers.

As a teen, I was always pushing boundaries—my own, others’ and every adult with whom I came into contact. I noticed that my intuition was heightened—more so than my friends, or other people I knew. I had no explanation for this. I started to notice that certain people among my peer group were more like me than most, and we instinctively gravitated toward each other. I felt like I had a “mission” on the planet, but I didn’t know what, specifically, it was.

In early adulthood, when I began diligent spiritual study, I realized that the slight difference was as “energetic” as it was intellectual or behavioral. I read books and worked with spiritual teachers, and learned I was functioning at a slightly different vibrational rate. It made sense given my life experiences. Then, an intuitive told me that I was an “indigo” and began to describe to me the way I interacted with the world, and it felt right. It was as if my “identity” suddenly made sense.

But what is an “indigo”?  First, the chakras of the body vibrate at specific rates within the color spectrum, beginning with red at the sacrum, and ending with violet at the crown on top of the head. Indigo, if you remember from ROY G BIV, is one shade before violet. Red vibrates the slowest and violet the fastest. On the body, indigo radiates from the third eye chakra just between the eyes and above the eyebrows. This charka rules psychic activity.

Second, indigos do have a sense that they must fulfill some type of “mission” during their lifetime. This is because there is a part within the indigo that remembers on a deep level that they have come to the planet at a crucial time in human evolution to impact the human race. The feeling of having a “mission” is the catalyst that propels the indigo to take action on behalf of this mission.

Third, indigos are marked by an innate dissatisfaction with the status quo, the average, and, in general, the structure of society. This is because they are able to easily perceive exactly where and how the system is faulty—that is, where it’s not built upon love, understanding, equality, spiritual truth, and creative individualism. An indigo’s favorite word may be “freedom” for it is in the paradox that each individual’s freedom allows spiritual resonance to connect us all to one another. That is, freedom is the way in which each individual becomes part of the whole (based on love and equality). Anything that hinders this expression is certain to bring out the fiery nature of the indigo, the part that is ready to take up arms and fight the good fight, the part that will not take no for an answer—and will not settle for anything less than transformation for the good of all in society in order to express more love.

But many indigos struggle with how to set into action the immense energy within and appropriately gift the world with their “innovative” ways of thinking, doing, being in order to manifest change and evolution in the world. Many end up feeling lost, misunderstood and alienated. They become angry that the world isn’t the way it could be—structured around harmony, love and equality. Indigos very often feel and are characterized by anger because of this very thing: they see the enormous possibilities inherent in everything and have difficulty understanding why these possibilities aren’t always carried out.

But the good news is that most come to an understanding within themselves, identify their “mission” on the planet, and being to manifest this mission during adulthood.

Do you have most or all of these characteristics?

  • Highly sensitive
  • Highly creative
  • Strong willed
  • Easily bored
  • Problems with authority
  • Isolationist
  • Highly gifted artistically or intellectually
  • May be labeled “ADD/ADHD”
  • Impatience with systems and order (such as standing in line, automated telephone systems)
  • Highly compassionate
  • May have fears of death or loss of loved ones
  • Emotionally boisterous
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Easily depressed
  • Prone to addictive behaviors
  • Bonds well with animals and nature
  • High energy
  • Does not respond well to attempts at manipulation or lies
  • Has a tendency to create their own blocks
  • Often must have a specific reason for doing something
  • Independent and proud
  • Highly intuitive or psychic
  • Easily frustrated with tasks that don’t require creative thought
  • Nonconformist
  • Natural-born philosophers
  • Learn by doing and exploring
  • Move between arrogance and lack of self-esteem
  • Become frustrated when they don’t have the resources to carry out big ideas
  • Does not tolerate lack of authenticity
  • Demands dignity for all

Now more than ever, the planet needs these gentle, sensitive, loving souls to supplant a new perspective on life and bring it to fruition—to express the ways in which we can support one another in the highest good for all. Indigos are old souls who have returned again to remind the world that every plant, animal and human being is precious and that more is possible. In fact, it’s the reason why we’re here.


Images used in this post courtesy of; “Chakras” by photomarket28 and “Beautiful nature” by Briannarama1.


4 Replies to “Are You an Indigo?”

  • love it Kelly! concise & inspiring & educational! Bringing “it” forth in the world! Thank you

  • Love the article and want more! What does a person do if they feel that they have a “mission” and fit the majority of the characteristics above except for being highly intuitive or psychic, but still can’t define this mission? Being middle-aged with time ticking, will I ever find what is my mission, and if so, how?

    • Gina, thanks for your comment! Glad you like the post! It’s not uncommon for Indigo’s to be challenged in the course of their mission. Many do not feel that they can begin on this path until mid-life. The questions to ask could include: What brings me the most joy? What makes my heart sing? What am I passionate about? Do not think of this in terms of “talent” or what you’re “good at” but rather, to what areas do you feel drawn. If you’re honest with yourself about these questions, you’ll be headed in the right direction. 🙂 Cheers to you!

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