Mary Bell R.N.C. is a spiritual healer, author, teacher, and channel who has been in private practice for more than twenty years. Her passion has been to bring ease and grace into the transformational process. She specializes in understanding and integrating the shift of consciousness that is currently occurring on the earth plane.

Mary offers a unique blend of new age and traditional spiritual philosophy in her approach to healing, which makes her work appealing to many different people. Her background in O.B. nursing and her study of psychology through Bioenergetic Analysis, prepared her for a direction in her work in which she is able to find the root of any issue and heal it at its core. She is a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, Awakening Your Light Body, as taught by Sanaya Roman and Dwayne Packer, and has been teaching her own work since 1995. Mary has taught nationally with the Healing Touch program before she developed her own healing schools. Her seminars were sponsored by the Association for Humanistic Psychology for seven years.

Mary sees clients in private practice. She also conducts seminars for personal healing as well as professional training and supervision for healers. In her seminars, she will help clients attune to Unity Consciousness and to integrate that energy as they learn to work from that level of consciousness with new energy tools. I’m honored to have time with Mary to talk with her about her work!

We are in curious time right now—it has felt like time is speeding up and we are accelerating. There have been many shifts and much political upheaval. What do you recommend for readers to do in order to help cope with intensely changing times?

“I think the most important thing any of us can do with the changing times, Kelly, is to keep doing our personal work. What is happening, and has been going on for quite some time now, is a raising of frequency of the energy of the planet and a lowering of magnetic frequency. This affects the electromagnetic field of the planet at the global level, which, in turn creates a pulsation with our own individual energy fields. Within each of our energy fields are physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. When these levels get triggered by the energy shifts, you may experience intense emotions, changes in your perception of time, an old issue resurfacing for attention, or any variety of issues that might come up. The intensity can sometimes be overwhelming and can be frightening. This is the time to work with a healer or a psychotherapist to deal with whatever has come up.

Learning to meditate and align with higher consciousness can definitely help to reduce the stress as well as exercise and being in nature. Follow your intuition about what you most need. For instance, it may be necessary to surrender to the feelings you are having and sit with them rather than try to push them away with exercise; and yet for another person or at another time, exercise may be just what is needed to integrate. And of course Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates and sound mediation can be very helpful.

As I mention in my book, structured water as well as homeopathic remedies, trace minerals, and other nutritional support can be very helpful to cleanse because our bodies are changing from one form to another. As they do, we break down old form as new form is taken on. This is happening on all levels so the physical level needs support to release toxins. It is part of the process.

In terms of the political upheaval occurring, I think the most important thing we can do is hold our alignment in love, send that love out into the world, take action when we can to have a voice about what we feel strongly about, and do what we can to keep lower consciousness from taking over. There is a battle going on right now in the world between higher and lower consciousness. When we reach unity consciousness we care about the good of the whole because we realize that we are all connected. It’s not an intellectual thing; it comes from experiencing it directly. Lower consciousness is selfish, often blind, and only cares about itself. It is short sited, ignorant, and lacks compassion. It feeds on fear.

So you might notice, more and more things are happening to make us feel afraid. It’s important that we not fall for that or engage in ‘battle’ with it, if you will, but stand in our power, take a stand, and not allow ourselves or our laws, our constitution to be abused. This is no time for apathy; we need to reclaim our power.”

Your Book, Kicking and Screaming to Enlightenment describes both your personal journey as a healer as well as providing tools for those in the healing process or profession. There are some key elements that you speak of in terms of energetics that I feel are important for blog readers to learn about.

I am interested in this quote from your book: “Lower astral energy was just energy of more profound forgetting.” It reminds me of a quote that I have used in my own book, Mastering the Dream, which I heard from my Rabbi, Michael Shapiro. He says: “If there’s one thing that the Earth can do to you, it’s create forgetfulness.” What is lower astral energy and what do you mean by your statement of “forgetting”?

“When each of us is born into the earth plane, we forget who we are at the soul or spiritual level. We ‘forget’ that we have a Divine nature and we are only identified with our personality, who we see ourselves to be, a person with a name, a sex, a family, etc. We are here to ‘remember’ or ‘wake up’ to who we really are, which is a spiritual being having a human experience and to do what we can to raise consciousness in the world.

We are connected multi-dimensionally to many different planes of reality but we are not conscious of it here on the earth plane until we do spiritual study and experience it directly; then we gradually become more and more consciously integrated. This is the purpose of the shifts that are going on with the planetary energy. It is pulsing us to change and vibrate higher as we clear our vibrational bodies and integrate the higher frequencies into our energy fields.

The lower astral plane of reality is the lowest plane we exist on. When we say it has ‘more profound forgetting’ we mean that it has really, really forgotten who it is—a piece of God. It acts out, hurts people, feels no guilt, is selfish, operates from total negative intent. I’m speaking of that plane of reality, although we all have some of those qualities to some extent in our ‘lower selves.’ Those are the things we work on to transform when we recognize them. However, this plane of reality has taken on a life of its own, so if you drink too much or take recreational drugs, you may tap into that plane of reality and get ‘used.’ Many abuses and crimes are committed when people have been drinking or taking drugs and get manipulated by this level of consciousness to do things they wouldn’t ordinarily do.”

I love the quote from your book: “A teacher must hold the vibration of the work he/she is teaching—or students won’t ‘get it’. In order to do this, one must have had the experience first and integrate it.” How do you propose that we integrate experience, and how does one know when the integration process is “complete”? How can one gauge when they are holding a particular vibration?

“When I say a teacher must hold the vibration of what they are teaching, I mean that it can’t be taught intellectually. Energy work must be felt and experienced. There is a transmission that occurs when this happens; if the teacher does not hold the vibration of what they are teaching for the entire class, the students won’t retain it and won’t be able to duplicate it. The teacher can only do that if they have had the experience first and integrated it into their own field so that they can hold the vibration for someone else.
Integrating occurs when the energy transmitted is incorporated into the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies of each person. This occurs when there are no ‘blocks’ in these fields. If the energy runs into a block, the block must be cleared before it can be incorporated into a person’s existing energy field. A block in the emotional body is an emotion that hasn’t been processed and released; a block in the mental body is a faulty belief system that hasn’t been processed, etc. You will know when that process is complete when you feel centered and peaceful with no concerns.
Most people learn when they are holding a particular vibration by getting feedback from a teacher and by repetition. Like learning anything new, it may feel strange or awkward at first; then with repetition, it becomes familiar and easy and you know you are there.”

One thing I love about your work is your approach to ethics in healing work. Can you describe the principles that you feel are of utmost importance as a healer?

“I feel that doing healing work can give another person one of the most intimate and profound experiences of their lifetime. It is a profession, and as such keeping healthy professional boundaries is one (if not the most important) thing a healer must do to be ethical. Otherwise the client can be traumatized. So in my book, I talk about making it clear at the beginning what a client can expect from you and that they agree with that. It’s a contract and agreement.

‘This is what I’m offering; is this what you want? This is what I charge; does this work for you?’ I also talk about refraining from sharing too much personal information about yourself with the client. This is something we do with each other when we are training to be healers, but it really can ‘muddy the waters’ if you do that with a client. The client is not there to be a friend; they have come for your help.

I remember a mentor of mine once saying: ‘Ask yourself why you want to share a particular thing. Is it for you or for the client?’ If it will be helpful to the client, of course, go ahead. But if it’s because you need to share it to meet your own needs, then refrain.”

You use the term “Ascension” in your book. What is meant by this, and how does one navigate this process?

“The term Ascension refers to ‘Spiritual Ascension.’ It is an esoteric term that means a raising of vibration and consciousness beyond the normal earth experience. It is used to refer to the individual as well as the planet and is misunderstood by some people to mean ‘leaving the planet.’ But it is actually a ‘descent’ of energy from higher levels of the soul rather than an ascent.

When a person enters spiritual study, they undergo a process called ‘spiritual initiation.’ This is the downloading or descent of a higher level of consciousness into the 4-body system of the individual, the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. Then, it is integrated. The person becomes more evolved than they were before; more conscious and able to carry more light. This is also the process that is being pulsed by the earth changes, astrological shifts and the Mayan Calendar and why it is so important to do personal work. As we integrate these ‘downloads’ personally, the entire earth pulsates at a higher level until it is ‘Ascended’.

What are some of the symptoms of ascension and how do we identify them?

“A decade or so ago, we spoke of this differently because we were in an earlier phase; now I would say emotional intensity, changes in our perception of time, a sense of everything speeding up, as you mentioned, feeling out of control, fatigue, a lack of motivation at times to do anything, a loss of a sense of direction, physical or mental symptoms that mimic a disease process but are not a disease.

Our bodies are going through a metamorphosis and in that process produce many toxins. These need to be released with structured water, which will hydrate the cells so that it can release them more effectively, or with herbs or homeopathic remedies. Energy work can also help here. Of course, it is always good to seek medical attention if you are concerned that you have an actual disease process going on because that is possible, too.”

You mention that we as a society are “integrating the deepest distorted energy within the universe both personally and transpersonally. It is the territory that must be faced and transformed within us as we become fully conscious and enlightened beings.” What does this mean, and what does this look like as a collective? What can people expect to experience and what will the end result look like?

“The earth is going trough a transformational process where it is clearing everything that has happened here in order to raise its vibration. We are going through the same process because we are connected to the earth. When we come into a lifetime, we come with both the God-Self and a lower-self within. The lower self includes the traits we want to make conscious and transform. In this lifetime we are living, there is the possibility to transform everything that has ever happened here, and ascend or raise the frequency of this planet beyond where it has ever been before. To do that, we must transform what we each carry in our lower selves so that the larger collective that holds what everyone carries, the transpersonal or ‘beyond the personal’ can transform. This is the pulsation I spoke of earlier.

As we transform something within us, it pulsates back and raises the collective consciousness. As we are pulsed by the collective consciousness, we work on the next thing we become aware of. It is a dance.

What we are seeing in the world right now at the global level is its lowest level of consciousness; things that have been hidden for eons of time. It is reflecting the deepest, darkest part of the lower self, which is selfish, ignorant, uncaring, cruel, lacking in compassion, etc. The deepest parts of ourselves may have some of those qualities and may also have very deep traumatic experiences. This is what we have to clear to anchor and make room for higher consciousness to ground within us and within the collective. I work with this in my seminars as well as in personal sessions with clients.”

What else could a client expect to experience in a private session with you, Mary?

“In my private sessions, I look to find the root of whatever issue is presented and heal it across time. This releases all the times the issue has occurred whether it’s in this lifetime or in other lifetimes. This could be a physical issue, emotional issue, or mental or spiritual issue. Part of the session is verbal processing work and part is energy work. I work with each person uniquely for what they need, utilizing all of my skills, which include psychology, energy work, nutritional counseling and channeling.”

On page 65 of your book, you state: “If we experience trauma, which feels life-threatening, victim consciousness results. Can you tell readers what victim consciousness is? How do we heal this?

“Victim consciousness occurs when we have an experience that is overwhelming that we have no power to stop; something is done to us that takes away our personal power. The result is seeing the world through the eyes of the victim where we have no power to change what is happening to us now even though there is action we could take. It can be healed by releasing and healing the original trauma or traumas, healing the faulty belief system that resulted, and exploring new strategies for dealing with current everyday problems. This allows you to see life from a different perspective and restores your power.”

What do you think of when you hear the phrase “Everything is Connected”?

“At one level, We are all one group soul. That is not something I always understood. As individuated souls, we exist in one large energy field, which is the group soul. That is why we sometimes know what is going on in another part of the world or with another person before it is announced. I experienced a major shift in my perception of this around 2000 when I began knowing when an earthquake had happened before it was on the news. I could feel what was happening. The energy shifts that are going on now are pulsing people to have these awarenesses. We are ‘waking up’ whether we have prepared for it or not. As you become more sensitive and consciously integrated, you become aware of what is going on at the bigger level because you are connected to it.

There is much more information about this topic on my website at as well as on my bookstore page with many suggestions of books written by excellent authors. My own book carries a transmission of healing energy that you will receive by reading it. There also is a free sample class that you can experience listed under ‘Stay on the Cutting Edge’ on the ‘Seminars’ page that discusses many of the things we spoke of today in greater detail. Please feel free to call or email me if you have further questions.”

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