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I’ve wanted to write an entry on manifestation and The Law of Attraction for a short while. This idea has really garnered a lot of attention in the last few years—both negative and positive attention. The Secret, for example was a big hit for short while, and it was met with both criticism and open arms. There’s a lot of info out there; some of it is accurate, some of it is inaccurate, and some of it, I believe, is simply incomplete.

I’ll be writing a series of posts on this topic beginning with this one. Feel free to post comments or ask questions! I love dialoguing with folks and group participation!

Many of the recent “New Age” or “Metaphysical” publications have been focusing on this topic, especially as we approach this next new level of consciousness as a human race. If we are conscious beings, we should then manifest! And quickly!

But many publications consistently forget to make connections between Manifestation and The Law of Attraction to psychological work, personal growth and inner reflection, and even other spiritual “laws.” (Language when describing metaphysics is never adequate. Is the word “law” really sufficient? Perhaps that’s why so many poets attempt to capture the ideas of metaphysics in poems and on paper?) That is, for as much as The Law of Attraction is true, there are also other principals in effect that work alongside this principal, that often aren’t simultaneously discussed or taught, and which can have a direct effect upon The Law of Attraction. Metaphysical manifestation and personal growth is a complex process.

Let’s start with some of the false information.


Manifestation is like closing your eyes, making a wish and instantaneously receiving anything and everything you want.

The Law of Attraction is the only metaphysical force that determines, your life path, what you want and what you receive in the physical.

A person can manifest anything using The Law of Attraction without doing psycho-spiritual work.

A person can manifest anything using The Law of Attraction without examining their belief systems.

A person can manifest using the techniques in The Law of Attraction without doing “shadow” work.

The Law of Attraction is just some marketing gimmick to sell books and make money. (Sorry cynics!)

The Law of Attraction is the only thing necessary to manifest everything you want, including money and/or fame. (Sorry optimists!)

Just because there are pieces of limited information available about The Law of Attraction, doesn’t mean that this principal is wrong, or that it doesn’t exist. It simply means we need to gather more information so that this can be described more completely, and understood and used more accurately and efficiently.

In the next post, I’ll discuss some true principals of manifestation!


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